Renault Trucks has a good electric truck !

The Renault Trucks Diamond Echo have created a good truck, that is according to them ! The Good Truck is an electric tractor unit which apparently is comfortable and beautiful and also meets the needs of transport operators and drivers desires. It certainly is very different and distinctive and they describe it as ‘ cool, visible and brilliant ‘.

The Renault Truck Diamond Echo is based on a Renault Trucks E-Tech T chassis dedicated for regional distribution activities for food & beverage and hub to hub logistics with a complete offer.

The paint is based on LumiLor technology, which lights up when subjected to an electrical stimulus and was expertly applied by Demon Paint over the course of two months. Renault Trucks invited drivers from all over Europe to create this design in November 2023. It was selected by over 10,000 internet users in December 2023. The Renault Trucks Diamond Echo is currently touring Europe, meeting transport industry players and the general public, to celebrate the advent of electric transport.

UK Roadshow

The truck is on a tour across the UK with the idea of dispelling some of the myths around operating an electric regional distribution vehicle and hoping to answer key questions such as, do you still think that the range of electric trucks was a problem and that recharging was impossible?

I joined Ashley and Aaron from Renault Trucks UK at their dealer JDS Trucks in Manchester ( Salford) who also have branches in Blackburn and Leeds. along with a number of inquisitive potential customers to have a look at this very special electric truck, including the amazing ‘paint’ job.

The Renault Trucks want to prove the possibilities of the Renault Trucks E-Tech during the road show which takes place across their dealer network from 10th of April to 19th of July 2024.

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