Electric Fiat Ducato by Zenith Review

Zenith electric Fiat Ducato / Ram ProMaster

At this moment in time, the traditional large volume van manufacturers around the world, with the exemption of the dominant Chinese players in their own market, appear to be running behind the demand for electric vans. Of course the OEM’s would quite rightly point to the current lack of infrastructure in the key global markets as more of a restrictive reason for the low level adoption of these vehicles.

So what do you do if you are an early adopter or keen on ensuring your company operates zero emission commercial vehicles? Well other than approaching a handful of ,manufacturers with a limited supplies of often trail vehicles which are usually reserved for the large national fleets and household names, there’s really only one answer – talk to one of the ever increasing number of solus electric van manufacturers which are springing up all over the world. Zenith are one such company !

Zenith Electric Fiat Ducato / Ram ProMaster Background

Zenith Motors are a US Based ( Kentucky) privately funded company that convert new traditional diesel and petrol ( gasoline) engined vans with electric propulsion systems and the vast majority of their conversions are based on the Ram ProMaster cargo van or chassis cab. Of course, Ram are owned by Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group ( FCA) so in essence this is the very familiar Fiat Ducato or its other siblings the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay we see in Europe.

Zenith have a number of vans and minibuses including hotel shuttles running around the US with companies such as Marriott Hotels, DHL, Holiday Inn, and Renaissance Hotels to name just a few.

Zenith Electric Fiat Ducato / Ram ProMaster Specification

As with most electric van manufacturers Zenith have a modular approach to powering the vehicle via Lithium-ion batteries, with the option of a
51.8 kWh, 62.1 kWh or 70 kWh power pack offering a range of 80 miles or 100 miles or 135 miles respectively and obviously the range is approximate.

Zenith uses the 4.7 tonne (10,500lbs) GVW version of the ProMaster / Ducato and this offers a payload of 1,725kgs (3,800 lbs). Charging is controlled via a 6 kW system and it uses regenerative braking.

Zenith Electric Fiat Ducato / Ram ProMaster Warranty

Warranty takes the shape of a 100,000 mile battery warranty with 60,000 mile on the drivetrain and a complete bumper to bumper of 36,000 miles.

For more information visit Zeniths site at : http://www.zenith-motors.com/

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