Iveco Electric Daily is the only true zero emission in Blue range

Electric traction is already a reality with IVECO: having entered the market in 2009 and undergone continuous upgrades and improvements over the past 8 years, the Daily Electric has won a loyal following with its class-leading efficiency, proven versatility and full sustainability that extends to the 100% recyclable batteries.
The Daily Electric is a unique vehicle that allows circulation also in cities with the strictest traffic constraints. It has an extended range of up to 200 km in real urban conditions and its battery performance is optimised for all weathers. The battery technology allows for a big payload, and in fast mode it only takes 2 hours to recharge. The Eco-Power driving mode and regenerative braking strategies further enhance its efficiency. The Daily Blue Power Electric offers the widest line-up in the industry with GVW of up to 5 tonnes, so that there is a model for every mission.
New pioneering connected services make the Daily Electric the ideal business partner. A new Web Monitoring Application enables fleet managers to monitor the vehicles in their fleet in real time, checking data such as location, battery charge, engine hours, km driven, vehicle data history. The real time information is also monitored by the IVECO Experts team with the aim of preventing vehicle failures and suggesting maintenance operations.
IVECO also plans to offer financing solutions and Maintenance & Repair contracts that include the batteries, in order to make the Daily Electric an even better fit with customers’ cash flow and financial cycles.

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