New Fiat Doblo & E-Doblos are here

Fiat Professional have launched an all new Doblo and E-Doblo with three different powertrains, electric, diesel and petrol. The New E-Doblo is equipped with a 100kW electric motor and a 50kWh battery which allows up to 175 miles in the WLTP cycle and charges up to 100kW, which allows the van to reach 80% charge in just 30 minutes. The driver can also choose between different driving modes: Normal, Eco, Power and B-Mode. Normal is recommended for driving under regular, everyday driving conditions. Eco improves the van’s economy, extending the van’s range. Power improves the peak power of the vehicle and should be used when the van has a heavy load, while B-Mode allows for maximum battery regeneration.

Technology and Safety – E-Doblo and Doblo boasts 18 ADAS features
Both the new Fiat Professional E-Doblo and Doblo feature new connectivity, infotainment and safety technologies that help drivers overcome all the daily challenges and obstacles they may face including 18 level two autonomous advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 

The stand-out safety feature on both products is the Magic Mirror, which thanks to two cameras – one under the right rear-view mirror and the other above the rear doors – ensures the driver has three different views (displayed on a five inch digital rear-view mirror) to perform the most complicated manoeuvre in the safest possible fashion.

The E-Doblo and Doblo also benefit from a new Head-Up Display, ensuring that drivers can monitor all key driving information without taking their eyes off the road, with its digital transparent panel, drivers will be able to drive safely and monitor key information such as speed, their navigation status and receive signal warnings including speed limits and fuel consumption.

Additional ADAS safety features include Adaptive Cruise Control; adapting the vehicle’s speed to that of the vehicle in front, Lane Keeping Assist; warning the driver if a longitudinal lane marking on the ground is accidentally crossed, and Blind Spot Detection; informing the driver if another vehicle is present in the van’s blind spot. Of course both vans are available with a safety pack as standard which includes advanced emergency braking, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition.

In recognition of their flexibility, the New E-Doblo and Doblo and are available in two lengths and two different configurations – Panel and Crew Cab. The short wheelbase Panel van has a cargo volume of 3.3m³ and an external length of 4.4m, while the long wheelbase version has a cargo volume of 3.9m³ with a length of 4.75m. Meanwhile, the Crew Cab – only available with a long wheelbase – possess a cargo volume of 3.5m³ and a length of 4.75m.

Design that matters: “Magic features”
New E-Doblo and Doblo are equipped with a Magic Cargo feature which improves the versatility of the vehicle’s interior. Fiat Professional’s new feature allows owners to carry up to three people in the front seats or increase the length and working volume. It is possible to raise the seat on the passenger side and use the compartment underneath for boxes or fragile objects. On the Panel van, the cargo capacity can increase by 0.5m³, allowing customers to carry up to 3.8m³ on the short wheelbase version and 4.4m³ on the long wheelbase version. The load volume on the Crew Cab increases to 4m³. Fiat Professional’s Magic Plug, only available on the E-Doblo, makes it possible to use the battery’s electric energy for power tools or other electric appliances. E-Doblo still benefits from the same 800 KG payload, one tonne towing capacity and 3.44m of load length that its ICE counterpart possesses.  

The New E-Doblo and Doblo are available in two trim levels, standard and primo. Both configurations can be customised even further by adding other packs with ADAS systems and improved functionality, all of which are designed to make both vehicles tailor-made for client requirements.

Versatile and modular, the New E-Doblo and Doblo is the commercial vehicle at the top of its category that offers different seating and space configurations, providing maximum comfort when driving and transporting the most varied goods. Great attention is also given to acoustic comfort in both the New E-Doblo and Doblo, reducing the average noise level inside the cabin, ensuring a more pleasant driving experience.

Orders are now open at all UK Fiat Professional showrooms for the New Doblo and first all-electric iteration, the E-Doblo, with prices starting from £18,855 and £27,855 respectively*.

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