Nikola Motors offer battery option to fuel cell trucks

Can I just say I love the brilliant positive attitude of Nikola owner Trevor Milton easily matching the levels reached by his arguably more famous competitor Elon Musk.

It looks like Trevor’s team at Nikola Motors have been listening to their customers, or should I say potential customers as deposits have been placed but no trucks actually delivered and they certainly won’t be for a few years.

The listening takes the form of their announcement despite their view that its “fuel cell or no cell” policy of power provision they are to offer a battery version of their Nikola Tre and also Nikola Two.

The Nikola Two is the North American day cab version of its Class 8 tractor unit and its equivalent aimed at the European market is the Nikola Tre, again a day cab design.

At first glance it appears a counter intuitive move as a battery version will be considerably heavier by around 2000-2250 kgs than a fuel cell powered truck but for urban delivery on short route operation a battery version could make better financial and operational sense.

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