Renault Trucks Master electric announced

Renault Trucks is taking a comprehensive approach to the challenge of electromobility with the announcement of its Renault Master 3.1 tonne GVW van and chassis cab.

Over the past 10 years Renault has been working with commercial operators in a number of countries to prove the operational capability and commercial viability of a range of hybrid and fully electric vehicle technologies. Renault Trucks’ President, Bruno Blin explains, “Ten years ago we were the pioneers, promoting electric trucks to improve city air quality. Today we can offer a range of electric vehicles with proven performance and the experts in our network are ready to help our customers’ transition to electromobility.”

Renault Master ZE is available in September 2018

The Renault Master ZE, which will be released in September 2018, is ideal for those last-mile deliveries and provides access to inner-city areas even those with strict traffic restrictions. The battery of this all-electric utility vehicle takes six hours to charge.

Its loading volume is the same as a conventional diesel Renault Master as the batteries are mounted under the front seats. The Master ZE range comes in six variants (four panel vans and two platform cabs) designed to meet all the requirements of professionals working in urban environments. Finally, to protect the driver, the load and keep city-dwellers safe, the Master ZE is fitted with a reversing camera, reversing radar system and wide-view mirror as standard features.


– Total GVW 3.1t

– 57 kW electric motor

– Maximum torque: 225 Nm

– Maximum speed:  100 km/h

– Energy storage: 33 kWh lithium-ion batteries

– Operating range on NEDC cycle: 200 km

– Real-world operating range: up to 120 km





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