Volvo Trucks charges on with more energy for Electric Truck and LNG.

We’ve all been waiting for the EU’s big decision on the latest round of CO2 emissions for heavy trucks which nearly everyone in the industry has been getting very agitated, if not, frustrated with.

Don’t get me wrong everyone appears all for the whole industry to move forward and accelerate the reduction in emissions its just a matter of when and how much as well as the little matter of what are the penalties. Today we learnt a little more about their plans !

As a consequence Volvo Trucks has today announced they are to accelerate their development of more “climate friendly transport”.

“Cutting climate emissions from heavy-duty vehicles is an incredibly important task, and it’s fundamental to our initiatives in sustainable transport. At Volvo Trucks, we’re well-positioned to take on this challenge. It’s natural for the EU to now introduce limits on CO2 emissions. In order to speed up the transition, we would however also like to see stronger financial incentives for the customers who take the lead and choose more climate-friendly vehicles,” said Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

This was further elaborated on by
Lars Mårtensson, Director of Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks “We’re at the stage where the technology will soon be ready for wider applications in heavy-duty transport. If demand is stimulated and the new charging infrastructure network is expanded, the volume will also be able to increase at a faster rate than would otherwise be possible,”

Volvo have ploughed their money and resources currently into two main areas, electric and LNG with the former based around an urban delivery operation and the latter for regional / long distance trunking routes.

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