Electric Peugeot Partner

The Partner Electric combines the Partner van’s great features – a versatile Multiflex interior & attractive styling – with an electric drivetrain to slash the running costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. But is it practical? Yes. It has a maximum range of 106 miles on a full charge*, and a top speed of 68 mph. Unlike many of its competitors the battery is included in the price and carries an 8 year warranty.

The benefits don’t stop there.  Partner Electric is a 3 seater, with a dual passenger seat meaning you can carry crew as well as cargo.  This Multiflex seat also folds flat when you don’t need it, meaning you can load through to the front of the vehicle as required.  Partner Electric is fully loaded with specification – offering items such as a side load door, rear load liner and air conditioning as standard.

On the L1, load volume is up to 3.3m3 with a load length of 1.8m and a payload of up to 636kg. Alternatively you can go for the larger L2, with load volume of 3.7m3, load length of 2.05m and a payload of 552kg. So choose the Partner Electric – the benchmark for electric vans

When it comes to charging your vehicle, Partner Electric offers you 3 solutions.  All our vans are equipped with a 50kW DC rapid charge port, which will allow 80% charge of your battery in just 30 minutes.  With rapid charge stations at the majority of UK service stations, this means those longer journeys are still viable – as is using your van round the clock.  Most of our customers routinely charge their vehicles overnight using the AC ‘standard’ charging port and a Type 2 chargepoint, and if necessary you can even charge from a domestic plug socket.

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