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One of the first questions many potential electric van users ask revolves around the likely maximum range of the van and, of  course, that’s probably one of the most difficult questions to answer. A van’s maximum range is one of the key “battlegrounds” for LCV manufacturers and there’s a very definite race between them to carry off the longest range mantle.

At this moment in time (June 2018) we have three very definite groups of electric vans based around gross vehicle weight (GVW) and consequently, this also relates to their load area volume. In this feature we are going to split these into three simple groups :

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Of course, not all vans fit exactly into these three segments but its a good start !!

Small Electric Vans

Generally a small van is defined around the 1500kgs – 2400kgs GVW or from a load volume capacity perspective probably anything from around 2.2 to 4.2 cubic metres. The vans in this segment have probably been the longest serving, certainly the most popular van to electrify some boasting over 15 years of history.

Best electric van range – Nissan e-NV200

Nissan have recently upgraded their battery from 24kWh to 40kWh, an increase of 67%, translates into an increase in the vans range from 106 miles to 124 miles combined to 188 miles in the city. (WLTP standard)

2 – Renault Kangoo ZE

Renault have recently upgraded their Kangoo ZE ( Zero Emission) with a 33kWh battery enabling a range of 170 miles to be quoted using the NEDC method although even Renault admit this could down to even 50 miles.

3 – Citroen Berlingo Electric

Citroen have traditionally been at the cutting edge of the electrification of commercial vehicles but currently the Berlingo is not “up with the rest” with a maximum range of 106 miles and this is based on the older NEDC standard which is “more generous” than the latest WLTP standard.

Read more about the Citroen Berlingo Electric.

3 – Peugeot Partner

Similar to the Citroen Berlingo ( Peugeot is part of the PSA Group) , the Peugeot Partner has a range of 106 miles according to NEDC standards.

Read more about the Peugeot Partner Electric.

Medium Electric Vans

Medium Van takes over from the small vans segment stops, with GVW’s from 2400kgs to 3200kgs GVW and 4.2 to 9 cubic metres and this sector is currently very sparse with electric vans.

Best medium electric van range – LDV eV80

LDV has a low roof , short wheelbase version which with a load volume of 6.2 cubic metres covers the medium van sector, the range on the V80 is 120 miles and is currently available to order in the UK.

Read more about the LDV eV80

2 – Mercedes-Benz eVito

With an installed battery capacity of 41.4 kWh, the range of the new eVito is claimed to be around 94 miles, according to Daimler even in unfavourable conditions such as low outside temperatures and with a full load, it will have a range of 62 miles. eVito is still under final test trails with fleet customers so you will have to wait a while to drive it if you’re a retail customer.

Large Van

Large vans basically cover the maximum gross weight currently available in Europe that can be driven on a car driving licence ( although 4.25 tonne extension just for electric vans is currently under review) and usually cover load volumes from 9 to 19 cubic metres.

Best large van electric van range – Iveco Daily Electric

Iveco has been developing and improving its electric offering in the large van segment for many years (since 1986 to be exact) and this latest incarnation cover a very admirable 174mls in a three battery configuration under NEDC rules.

2 – LDV V80

LDV has a larger version of the V80 which with a load volume of over 10 cubic metres covers the large van sector, the range on the V80 is 120 miles and is currently available to order in the UK.

3 – Volkswagen eCrafter

For many years the Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter shared the same body shell, but this all came to an abrupt stop following VW’s announcement it would build its own van in Poland a couple of years ago. The new Crafter is out and with it has come an electrified version aptly named the e-Crafter, featuring a 100KW battery and a range of 100 miles.

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