Renault Trucks D ZE fitted with solar panels

Renaults Trucks here in the UK are starting to gain traction in the electric truck sector with their Renault D Range of electric trucks covering the 16-26 tonne rigid market. Of course, this is not just happening in the UK, and around Europe the demand for battery electric trucks (BETS) is increasing.

One interesting addition to this quest for electric is the Swiss company Rhyner Logistik who are strongly committed to sustainable road transport and have just taken delivery of a fully electric Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. to supply a large supermarket chain, Denner.

We say its interesting because the vehicle is a fridge unit, and of course, there would be little point in having an electric truck with a diesel driven refrigeration unit on top! So as they have specified an electric fridge unit and to complete the cycle they have also fitted solar panels onto the body of the truck to provide power to the unit.

Renault Trucks D ZE
Renault Trucks D ZE

This system is particularly suited to temperature-controlled transport, because it is when outside temperatures are high – and the sun is therefore strong – that the cooling is most needed.

As far as charging is concerned and as part of its commitment to the companies belief in the long term viability of emobility it has installed a rapid charging station. Due to the operational requirements of the contract with Denner Supermarkets the truck has the opportunity to be charged at the depot during loading operations, without any impact to the high service levels required from the client.

Because the truck is driven in an urban environment that requires frequent braking, and the regenerative braking allows energy to be put into the battery helping to provide a savings of 20 to 30%, which translate into additional mileage or less time when charging.

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