e.Go Mover at CES 2020

The e.Go has been developed by German company e.Go Moove along with Zukunft Ventures which is a subsidiary of the global Tier One supplier ZF so it has a lot of potential financial and development resources at its disposable.

This vehicle was at the CES show last year were it made quite a stir and this continued for this year. Primarily seen as a people mover I am reliably informed  there will also be a ”Cargo version” under development later this year with maybe a prototype available sometime during 2021.

The electric power motor is provided by ZF along with the chassis and automated driveline, which is no surprise as this is ZF’s area of expertise. The basic shell is lends itself to a number of applications from an airport shuttle to parcel delivery as well as supermarket delivery in fact any mission where urban delivery is the goal.

It has a low floor and very compact size measuring 4.9m in length and a height of 2.55m all on a 3.1m wheelbase offering a maximum cubic capacity of around 22 -24 cu m. Turning our attention to the weights side of the e.Go, it’s no surprise as a European designed product it has a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3500kgs (7700lbs) and a payload potential of 1400kgs ( 3080lbs) obviously making the kerb weight 2100kg ( 4620lbs), making the e.Go figures uncannily similar to a traditional diesel powered large European van but having the ability to encompass the batteries and electric motor.

e.Go Mover battery and performance

Which brings us on very nicely to the battery and motor specifications, the Lithium Ion battery can be specified upto 60kWh and the ZF motor reaches a maximum of 150kW, as a M2 European homolgated vehicle it is restricted to 60km/h but potentially this can be increased.

Of course no forward looking vehicle can be without some form of autonomy and cloud connection, and the e.Go is both available with Level 4 autonomy using cameras, radar and lidar systems.

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