Nissan eNV200 Voltia offers greater loadspace

The Nissan eNV200 Voltia has been launched, offering users almost double the amount of loadspace volume of standard models. Based in Slovakia, Voltia have adapted the eNV200 to provide up to 8 cubic metres of load volume.


Let’s face it the Nissan eNV200 is probably the “go to electric van” when you are thinking of a small three to four cubic metre capacity commercial vehicle and with the recent “upgrading” of the battery from 24kWh to 40kWh this has only helped to increase its popularity.

But what do you do when you are looking for a van with 25-50% more load space, let’s say around the six to eight cubic metre capacity BUT maybe don’t need the payload increase?

Up to now the choice has been very limited, indeed , in most cases you would probably have to go up to the next gross vehicle weight, which currently means a 3.5 tonne gross vehicle weight van like the Renault Master or LDV EV80.

Nissan eNV200 Voltia load volume

The answer is the Slovakian company – Voltia.

Voltia have taken the standard electric Nissan eNV200, which means it enjoys all the benefits of a standard Nissan warranty, and they have extended the load space to carry upto 8 cubic metres of volume, virtually doubling the current eNV200’s capacity.

The Voltia van takes the original e-NV200 and converts it to meet the needs of urban delivery firms by providing extended cargo space 6m3 or 8m3, complete with walk-in rear door access, consequently widening the appeal.

The 60:40 split rear doors open 180º to create a totally clear loading space. In tight situations, you can use just one door to not interfere with your surroundings.

Length Width Height
5.03 m 1,76 m 2,0 m (6 m3) or 2,42 m (8 m3)

Nissan eNV200 Voltia battery and motor

Utilising the battery and motor specification of the eNV200 means the technical specification are exactly the same and gains the standard warranty as a consequence.


Reach up to 80% charge in about 30 minutes. This is the fastest method available, making life easier and longer trips possible. Networks of rapid chargers are expanding all the time and can be found at most Nissan dealers and many motorway service stations.


Charge your Nissan e-NV200 overnight using a 32A home charging unit and reach full charge in approximately eight hours. With the optional 6.6kW on-board charger, hence this can reduce the time to just four hours. Be sure to have your home charging unit installed by an approved electrician.


The most conventional way of charging is via the supplied cable, which plugs directly into a regular domestic supply i.e standard wall socket.

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